The challenge of research in occupational health nursing: the elephant in the room?

  • JAVIER González-Caballero
Keywords: Occupational Health Nursing, Research


Research is an inherent fact to every professional that allows not only reflection on the daily reality where they work, but also provides knowledge for its subsequent application. In this context, nursing research is defined as a scientific process that validates and improves the existing knowledge and generates new information that influences professional practice. From this perspective, once incorporated and recognized as a university discipline, nursing competencies have evolved into a position that provoque an exercise of the profession with full technical and scientific autonomy. However, this professional practice is subject to the limitations of the principles and values ​​included in the legal and deontological system, basing the criteria for action on access to the necessary means and the best available scientific evidence. In a complementary way, professional practice must be based on two pillars: guidelines and protocols for clinical and care practice. Therefore, aiming to achieve efficiency and good work in research, the principles of interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity applicable to occupational health professional teams must constitute a maxim.